Tuesday, 11 November 2014

jasmine tridevil | 21 Years Girl has three Breasts

jasmine tridevil | 21 Years Girl has three Breasts.Now a Days,Breast enlargement surgery is common and has done a lot by women around the world. But what would happen if two breast plus one extra breast glazed in the middle? This is actually done by Jasmine Tridevil. SHe had spent around $200 million to have a third breast.
jasmine-tridevil-has-three-Breasts (2)Jasmine Tridevil (21 years) is a therapist from Florida, USA. She deliberately increased the amount of breast into three because she wanted to be a celebrity. Jasmine thinks it is easier path to become famous With three breasts.Few months back, Jasmine finally obtained her third breast after surgery.

jasmine-tridevil-has-three-Breasts (3)"It is really difficult to find someone willing to do it (add breast by surgery), because it is a violation of the code of ethics," Jasmine said as reported by news.com.au. "I went to 50 to 60 doctors, none of them wanted to do it,"

But the dream of Jasmine's been answered, now she has three breasts. Last month, she has posted videos on Youtube depicting herself in bikini. Of course there are strange view in her chest, because there are three breasts.
jasmine-tridevil-has-three-Breasts (1)She has three breasts seems just same as two other breast. It's just an extra breast which is tattooed on the nipple to resemble the original. Despite wasting a lot of money,it is not a problem for Jasmine, she became famous.

jasmine-tridevil-has-three-Breasts (5)This girl is not bothered of any men who try to stay away from her, because she herself do not want to build a relationship of love. As for the parents of Jasmine, this decision is very surprising.

"My mom ran out of the door and did not want to talk to me, he even forbade me to talk to my brother. My dad was very unhappy, he was embarrassed because of me me. But he's willing to accept me, "said Jasmine.

jasmine-tridevil-has-three-Breasts (4)Online comments coming with differents views, there is a suspicion that third breast is false and mere edits. Some say the breast of Jasmine is similar to one of the the film Total Recall. Some people insults her with rude word and thought, there are some people who also praising Jasmine for her extraordinary Achivements.


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