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Faceless Men | Heart Touching Motivating Love stories

This article is about 3 Faceless Men | Heart Touching Motivating Love stories.Men without face are those less fortunate people who are suffering from illness or accident that changed facial structures forever. But today we are going to write about some of those people without face.Sometimes they are mocked or abused by people because of their disabillity.Also Watch

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But They are very tough and brave  and try to live a normal life. Their motivational real life story will lift your spirit high. Then what kind of a love story for people who do not have face? Is this is a True Love? Let see below

Dallas Wiens

Dallas-Wiens-face-less-men-without-love-story-wife-1Dallas suffered severe burns on his face in 2008 after accidentally touching a high-voltage cable in the Church where he was working on construction. As a result of this accident, Dallas lost his face.He became the first person in the u.s who had face transplants and it make his face missing becomes more spherical. But of course he went through many painful surgeries and his face is still not perfect.

Meanwhile, Jamie (wife) was the victim of burns due to a car accident. 70% of her body suffered burns and makes skin no longer smooth as it was before. But suffering of Dallas and Jamie did not last long because they both met at the same hospital, both know that is not easy to live life after the physical wounds and psychological trauma that remains a trace.  Before they met, they were individuals who strengthen themselves undergoing a traumatic experience.
Dallas-Wiens-face-less-men-without-love-story-wife-2Yet the meeting makes Jamie and Dallas proved tough love and mutual support between the two. Eventually, both not only share their inspiration, but also share their lives. A match is present in between the two, including to marry a second time. Both of the couple finally married in the Church where Dallas had accident. Their marriage was witnessed by 150 people were touched by the love story of two beings who love each other even though their body was no longer perfect.

Lovingly, Dallas said to Jamie in front of the Guest that "I feel grateful that you chose me. And I love you with all my heart." Jamie then replied, "You have given me hope, and you gave me unconditional love that will look after forever ."
This is proof there is still true love in the world. Not looking face and sheer material, but support each other and share the hope and happiness. Everyone has the right to be happy. Congratulations Jamie and Dallas,Be happy.

Mohammad Latif Khatana

Mohammad-Latif-Khatana-face-less-men-without-love-story-1That's the nickname given by people to Mohammad Latif Khatana (32). The man from Kashmir, India could not see, let him work alone because severe creases on his face. Hardly anyone would want to see his face. Latif stay moving in a number of mountains of himalaya in Jammu and Kashmir. He live with his wife Salima (25). He traveled to Srinagar for four months, to beg and earn money. Latif was born with a small bumps on his face. The lump continued to grow and turned into large folds in the face, making it impossible for him to see.

"My mother still cries when he looks at me. She felt guilty so much, and could not understand why his youngest boy was cursed," said Latif. Latif was the youngest of six children. He is the only child in the family who suffers this strange disease. He spent his childhood without friends. "Nobody wanted to play with me as a child. Kids in my village used to mock me every day. I lost my left eye when i was eight years old and they used to call me as the one eyed odd," said Latif. Latif never stopped fighting for life. He had a strong mentality, but because he is blind and ugly, no one gives him a job.
Mohammad-Latif-Khatana-face-less-men-without-love-story-2"I would love to do an honest job, like a normal guy who works for his family. It would make me very proud. But, nobody give me a chance and I am forced to beg, so i can feed my family, "he said. Lateef can usually pocket 400 rupees (approximately 7 USD )in a single day by begging, complete with drooling spit of people on the street. "The three young girls was passig by me. They spit on me and run while closing their mouths with scarves. I was very embarrassed, " Latif tells the story. "I was surprised at how cruel they are . I feel very depressed for days. But, I have to continue to live with it" he said.

However, God is indeed Merciful,Four years ago, Latif finally met the love of his life.Latif Parents had long struggle to find his wife, but no girl who was willing to accept it untill he heard of Salima. "My wife has only one leg.SHe fought many years looking for a husband. Soon after we met, we know that we are a soul mate. We both complete in terms of medical abnormality, we match! " said Latif.

Latif and Salima were married in August 2008 with a traditional Muslims ceremony. They invited 400 guests. "I feel very fortunate to meet Salima, she is right for me. I feel a bit normal today. I have a wife, my life little fuller than my previous life. Now, she conceived our first child and I am happy again. I am a happy man now, " stated by Latif.

Mark Tatum

Mark-tatum-face-less-men-without-love-story-wife-1Mark Tatum was a man from Kentucky, USA, known as "the man without a face" after 2000, he became a victim due to a fungal infection that has severe sinus disease (Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis) are very aggressive on his face. To save his life, doctors had to remove the eyes, nose, upper jaw and all surrounding bone and tissue, which means that he actually lost his face.

Tatum was a medical phenomena due to the fact that he survived the infection. Then he had a fake face and he had surgery so she can eat, drink and speak again. Due to the extreme experience, Tatum highly profiled in the media. He was a brave individuals who served as a symbol of strength for the thousands of people who have lost their health.
Mark-tatum-face-less-men-without-love-story-wife-2A more Interesting thing was his wife named Nancy who loved him so much even though the shape of the face of Mark Tatum was not like it used to be. In a video on youtube, mark said that, everyone has been told him give up. But not with his wife , who had been raising his spirit high and took care of him until the date of February 26, 2005,when he died of unknown causes.

How was the Real life story of some faceless people.Faceless Men | Heart Touching Motivating Love stories.Please share it if you think it touched your heart.

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