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Sonagachi kolkata Review | sonagachi rates sonagachi location sonagachi address

sonagachi asia's largest red light area.firstly you need a short description of red light area,those place basically popular for prostitution or sex or sex related business.also known as business of flesh and soul.

prostitution is the one of the oldest business in human society and it is growing more faster in 21th century than other centuries..
sonagachi is the working place and shelter for around 12000 sex workers,known as Randi by general people.mostly nepalese,bangladesis,rajasthni prostitutes have dominated this a days european accent prostitute also available.sonagachi rates list

sonagachi location:

the name of area came from the name of well known sufi saint sona ghazi whose mazar shrine located in the locality.

most of the prostitute comes from very poor background.many of them were dumped by their relatives who betrayed them and sold them to agency and forced them into this industry.there are very few sex workers who have been joined in this profession by choice.almost 90% sex workers in sonagachi area are victim of dalal,who bought innocent girls/women in flesh trade by illegal way.

though its illegal but like any other city in the world, kolkata also has sonagachi area.all type of illegal activity happens and sex industry growing more faster than past under the nose of administration .
sonagachi also has reputation for gambling,murder,robbery,rapes,blackmails anti-social activities are very common.
police administration also very careless about all of this activity.sometimes police arrest people who come or sex tour and take bribe.heavy corruption of administration helping sonagachi to flourish its prostitution industry.

life quality of sex workers is very low in sonagachi area.population of sex workers growing day by day.
most of sex worker lives in a group gathering a room,they do not own house,so lives in groups in rented house.
outside of sonagachi sex worker have no respect,common people treat them like once a sex worker of sonagachi have to die in sonagachi,no betterment waiting for them.
many of sex workers have children,they have no proper access in education due to failure of administration.few NGO group available to bring children of sex workers to school and few government skim are available now a days to help sex workers and bring next generation to mainstream.

sonagachi rates:

sonagachi rate list 2014:

sonagachi rate per night:

sonagachi is the shelter of 12000 sex workers earn their bread and butter from flesh trade by illegal means.
rates are already fixed by sex workers,they get extra money by begging from their clients.
minimum rates of sex workers are very low as much as Rs 100/.
rates also depends on facilities that clients needs,like TV,bedroom,night shift or hourly,rates increase or decrease upon all this things.
During durga puja and christmas and other festive season sex workers earn extra money as rates goes higher as Rs 500/ to Rs 5000 for demand

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sonagachi Experience:

red light area in india:

i had quick visit to sonagachi red light area and i was shocked to see that sex worker of sonagachi crossed every kinds of barriers of shame.they were chasing and inviting all types of men,even school boys.
i had conversation with some of the prostitutes and told me that for them no other option available than flesh trade.most of them were brought by relatives by promising good job,many were dumbed by husbands who sold them here and forced to work as prostitute.
many of them are HIV positive,but to survive she have to continue her profession.many of young girls of sex workers also becoming part of this industry and becomes victims of molest,rapes,etc.
Hope someday sex workers of sonagachi get better life as general peoples and young generation join mainsteam society.


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